Why Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil?

Have you ever asked your self why choose Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil?

As many of you are aware Lavender or Lavandula is grown in many countries, such as Bulgaria, France, India, U.S.A, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey and many others. Out of these countries mentioned there is one particulair country that stands out the most when it comes down to Lavandula and the rest of the world, this country is Bulgaria.

Why Bulgaria? Well it’s quite simple really, not only is Bulgaria the world’s biggest producer of Lavender Essential Oil but the Essential Oil produced is easily recognised from the others. The Lavander Essential Oil produced in Bulgaria has a stronger aroma from other countries and this is because of its higher linalool and linalyl acetate content.

How is the linalool and linalyl acetate higher in Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, well this is thanks to Bulgaria’s natural climate. The unique climate and soil in Bulgaria allows for better growth of Lavender and better yields, resulting in the production of the world’s finest Lavender Essential Oil.

As of 2018 Bulgaria took the number 1 spot overtaking France in Lavender Essential Oil production and cultivation. This was possible to a different approach in growing Lavandula, rather than growing it from a seedling, Bulgarian growers grew the Lavender in a green house and once the Lavender is mature enough it is than planted in the fields as a sapling. This method allows for a better control in quality and quantity during growing on the Bulgarian fields.

Lets break it all down
  • Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is stronger in aroma.
  • Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil has higher linalool & linalyl acetate levels.
  • Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil higher concentrates allow this oil to be used therapeutically.
  • Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is the finest oil produced due to the way our farms control the growth of the Lavandula, only ensuring the best are planted in our Balkan Lavender fields.

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