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  • 1. How can I contact you?

    You can contact us directly via email at or

  • 2. How to request a quote?

    Simply send us an email outlining your requirements, providing as much detail as possible.

  • 3. Are your products Certified?

    We provide certifications and product specifications, MSDS & Certificate Of Authenticity for all of our products.

  • 4. Can I request product samples?

    Yes, you can request a free 1-2 gram sample of our 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil to do your own analysis.

  • 5. How will my product be shipped?

    Your purchase will be shipped via air, land or sea. All products are shipped in certified containers specific for essential oils.

  • 6. How to make a purchase? Step 1

    After contacting us, we will reply to you with our stock qauntities, price, delivery & payment options.

  • 7. How to make a purchase? Step 2

    Once you are happy with our samples & our price given. Payment is to be completed and the product will be shipped to you.

  • 8. What will I receive?

    You will at the end recieve Balkan Lavender's 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil along with MSDS, CoA & documents.

  • 9. Can I pre-order before harvest?

    Yes! If you have previously purchased our 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil and would like to secure an order prior to harvest just simply contact us.

  • 10. What is your guarantee?

    At Balkan Lavender we can guarantee that our Lavender Essential Oil is 100% Pure, 100% Naturally Grown In Bulgaria, 100% Produced In Bulgaria.

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