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With in the heart of Bulgaria, is home to our richly scented Balkan Lavender fields with over 400hectares of Lavandula Angustifolia making a radiant sea of purple and lilac hues it creates a spectacular landscape. The Lavandula Angustofilia has become one of the largest crops grown for essential oil production thanks to Bulgaria's ideal climate conditions.

Here at Balkan Lavender we specialise in Planting, Growing, Harvesting, Distilling, Manufacturing & Producing 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential oil by not only having our own fields we also have our own distillery which other Bulgarian Lavender growers come to for extracting this magical oil from its raw material.


With over 25 years of experience.


With over 50 seasonal workers hired.


With over 400h of our own fields.


We love what we do at BalkanLavender.

Our Team

We specialise in intelligent & effective Search and believes in the power of partnerships to grow business.

Why Choose Us

100% Certified

Stand out from the rest with our 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil which is naturally grown, distilled and produced in Bulgaria. Why Bulgarian Lavender Oil? Well Bulgarian Lavender is known for its extraordinary chemical values found in our Essential oils thanks to Bulgaria's climate & how we obtain the oil via direct steam distillation of fresh Lavandula Angustifolia flowers. Not to forget that we are 100% certified.

Our Mission

To grow, manufacture & produce the best quality Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil possible.

Our Vision

To supply our Premium 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil to the rest of the world.

Our Competetive drive

Our Pricing

Here at Balkan Lavender we are competetive on our prices with in the market of Lavender Essential Oil, we can provide you with the best competetive price for 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil.

Our Relationships

We aim in continuing and creating future successful & prosperous relationships with our clients.

Consumer Satisfaction

At Balkan Lavender we do not just consider the satisfaction of our clients but we also consider our clients end consumer satisfaction, this is why we are leaders in the industry.

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